ACHÉ BRASIL is a Capoeira Academy lead by Mestre Eclilson De Jesus and a Vancouver based Brazilian Performance Group.


Aché Brasil is dedicated to promoting Brazilian culture throughout Canada and abroad and seeks to achieve a wider public while teaching the art of Capoeira to the community.

The Aché Brasil performing group and the Aché Brasil Capoeira academies, both strive to bring the beauty of Brazilian cultural art forms to the world through the teaching of capoeira and performances of traditional and popular music and dances from Brazil.

Capoeira Academy

CABlogoCapoeira is a Brazilian art form, which combines dance, music, and acrobatics with martial arts. Known as the secret dance of Brazil, capoeira is an astonishing display of acrobatics, breath-taking kicks and self-defence tactics performed to the music of the Berimbau (an ancient stringed bow-like instrument) and drums. But why just tell you about Capoeira? Why don’t we show you what Capoeira is! Below is a video that was filmed by one of our group members promoting our yearly festival and graduation ceremony. It will give you a feel of what our art form is all about and what it means to be apart of our Capoeira family.

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to promote healthy and responsible living and to enjoy activities as a group. The interaction between our members is based on tolerance and respect for each other regardless of social status, education, age, handicaps, accent of language or colour of skin. As part of an inter-dependant world, Mestre Eclilson de Jesus calls for responsible coexistence of life on this planet while enjoying our own existence to the fullest. Capoeira Aché Brasil rejects the use of illicit drugs and activities harming the mind or body …. read more

The Performance Group

AB LogoAché Brasil is a touring performance group based in Vancouver, BC. Equal parts music, dance and acrobatics, they infuse the culture, traditions and music of Brazil in a spectacle of movement and color. They have preformed to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim all over North America and have received a nomination for “Live Performers of the Year” at the West Coast Music Awards. Through music and dance, this high energy group educates and entertains audiences of all ages about Brazil’s cultural diversity. The musicians and dancers of Aché Brasil exhibit a rare combination of authenticity and excellence in their work, which is presently unmatched in North America.

Mission Statement:

Aché Brasil music and dance group provides audiences, young and old, a greater understanding of the Brazilian music, culture and heritage. Our commitment is to present shows that exemplify the best of Brazilian heritage and culture with the hope that you absorb the essential rhythms of the Aché … read more

Capoeira Aché Brasil Academies and performance group Aché Brasil are both founded by, and under the leadership of, Mestre Eclilson de Jesus who welcomes everyone to be part of the group.

Aché Brasil and Capoeira Aché Brasil gratefully acknowledges the support of Canada Council for the Arts (Music Section, Dance Section and Touring Office), and The Province of British Columbia, through the British Columbia Arts Council.

Ache Dancers

Ache Dancers 2