About Aché Brasil Performance Group


Aché Brasil is a touring performance group based in Vancouver, BC. Equal parts music, dance and acrobatics, they infuse the culture, traditions and music of Brazil in a spectacle of movement and color. They have preformed to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim all over North America and have received a nomination for “Live Performers of the Year” at the West Coast Music Awards. Through music and dance, this high energy group educates and entertains audiences of all ages about Brazil’s cultural diversity. The musicians and dancers of Aché Brasil exhibit a rare combination of authenticity and excellence in their work, which is presently unmatched in North America.

Aché Brasil and Capoeira Aché Brasil gratefully acknowledges the support of Canada Council for the Arts (Music Section, Dance Section and Touring Office), and The Province of British Columbia, through the British Columbia Arts Council.


Your warmth and enthusiastic rapport with the audience, combined with your infectious rhythms
and dazzling dance created an evening of unsurpassed enjoyment!

Francis Xavier, Artistic Director “ Mission Folk Music Festival

We have a show for everyone! Ache Brasil performs for many venues and creates a show custom suited to every event: festivals, theatres, concerts, special events, conventions, Brazilian mardi-Gras, carnaval parades, batucadas, international children’s festivals and school shows. See: type of shows

Our bigger shows include a full band, but we also have a smaller group, which incorporates drums and traditional Brazilian percussion in accompaniment to dances from Brasil with beautiful costumes. Our children’s show is educational, entertaining and humorous, involving the children. It’s very popular at International Children’s festivals and school shows. See: children’s shows

Aché Brasil fuses Brazilian music, dance, martial arts and acrobatics into a dynamic, high energy performance that is exciting to watch and makes it hard to stand still. The group’s musical repertoire includes Aché Brasil’s original songs combining infectious Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Coco de Roda, Maracatu, Samba Raggae, etc.

The dancers and musicians of Aché Brasil exhibit a rare combination of authenticity and excellence in their work, which is unmatched in North America. Experienced and professional, Aché Brasil is committed to presenting high quality performances which best exemplify Brazil’s rich cultural heritage.

Thank you for making this year’s West Coast Music Awards a huge success.
Aché Brasil’s performance was spectacular“ the highlights of the evening!

Moira Rodger, Executive Producer “ West Coast Music Awards


Our Purpose:

Aché Brasil is dedicated to promoting Brazilian culture throughout Canada and abroad and seeks to achieve a wider public while teaching the art of Capoeira to the community.

Aché Brasil performing group and Capoeira Aché Brasil academies, both strives to bring the beauty of Brazilian cultural art forms to the world through the teaching of capoeira and performances of traditional and popular music and dances from Brazil.

Mission Statement:

Aché Brasil music and dance group provides audiences, young and old, a greater understanding of the Brazilian music, culture and heritage. Our commitment is to present shows that exemplify the best of Brazilian heritage and culture with the hope that you absorb the essencial rhythms of the Aché.


Thank you & Aché everyone!

Christianne Odehnal and Mestre Eclilson de Jesus

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