Brasil Trip 2009

BRASIL TOUR 2009 – leave to Brazil Dec 4th, arrive back in Vancouver Dec 20th

*** This is a very memorable trip for every capoeirista. Not only you get to play capoeira in many different cities in Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte, you will also have an amazing experience and will visit some really cool places!!! ***

For more information email: or call Mestre Eclilson at 604 908 1005

Sunset in Natal
Porto de Galinhas beach_2
Porto de Galinhas
Downtown Porto de Galinhas
Natal beach with sand dunes_ 215
Pousada - where we stay
Argila natural mud pool_ 499
We bring gifts to the favelas
Pousada - where we stay
Jangada ride
Meet lots and lots of capoeiristas
Auto da Se in Olinda
Buguie Ride
Calheitos beach
Delicious meals
Carrapeta feeding the fish in Porto de Galinhas
Sugar Cane Trucks_ 418
Our group's Batizado in Palmares
Our group's Batizado in Recife
Peaceful Jangada ride
Cafezinho airport