Introduction to Capoeira



Drop in: $13 or buy 8 Intro classes (one year expiry date) for $88.

Kids over 12, take adult Intro. Kids under 12 take the Thurs Kid’s Beginners.

All classes are on an ON-GOING basis all year long.
Just drop-in and try out an Intro class – first class is free! 
Attendance is flexible; you may attend any class (at your level) that is convenient for your schedule. You may start any day of the week that has a class at your level and take as many classes as you want. There is no registration fee and you don’t need to sign up for a specific number of classes per month or per year. If you have a difficult schedule your best option may be attending on drop-in basis.
You may attend classes any day of the week and as often or as little as you like. Our schedule allows you to alternate the days you take classes, e.g.: you are not required to attend every Tuesday or every Friday…you can attend any class (at your level) that fits your schedule.

Introduction to Capoeira
Drop in: $13
Or buy 8 Intro classes (one year expiry date) for $88.
INTRO TO CAPOEIRA is for new students. A minimum of 9 Intro classes is required before moving up to Level 1.
*Please wear comfortable work out clothing. Capoeira is generally done in bare feet.*

Children 12 and younger take the Thursday Kid’s Intro class. Teens (13+) take adult Intro classes.

Level 1, Level 2
Drop in: $15
Or buy a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month package for a better deal!
More information is available in our office.
Please note Level 2 students are required to attend at least 8 classes per month, plus rodas.
*A uniform is required for Level 1 and higher, and is available in our office.*

Drop in: $13 First class free!  or by 8 classes for $88 (one year to use them). 
Packages are available for a better deal, please enquire in our office.

Purchase a package for a better deal!
-Exact pricing for packages varies depending on the number of classes you want each month and the number of months you sign up for. -Payment for packages is due at the beginning of each month. -If you exceed the number of classes you have purchased for a month you will be charged a drop-in fee for the extra(s). However, if you have purchased a package that is too small and want to add more classes you may upgrade the package before the end of the month. If you do not upgrade before the end of the month you will be required to pay the drop-in fee for each class (this is often a more expensive option).

“Students wanting to advance in capoeira are required to attend rodas; all rodas are free of charge.”

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