Types of Shows

Aché Brasil- An explosion of colour, energy and music!

Experience the Brazilian culture as the members of Aché Brasil combine acrobatics, martial arts, Afro-Brazilian dance and hypnotic rhythms to create a sizzling performance. An explosion of colour, energy and music!
Aché Brasil’s varied dance and music performance styles ranges from traditional to the most popular. Experienced and professional, Ache Brasil is committed to best embody Brazil’s rich cultural heritage through high quality performances.
You may check Music and Dance Repertoire for examples and photos of the dynamic music dances Aché Brasil performs.

Aché Brasil – Shows for concerts, festivals, special events, dance parties…
Brazil is rich in culture and flavor. This type of concert entices the public to taste of Brazil’s splendour and high energy. The show reflects the diversity of the Brazilian people, focusing especially on popular music, rhythms and dances from Brazil.

This is a very energetic performance suitable for all audiences. It may be for those who love to dance or for audiences that love to be dazzled by the show. A full band provides pulsating music as the dancers, in dazzling authentic Brazilian costumes, teach the audience dance steps. If requested, the audience will be invited to display their new skills on stage.

Most of the music is fast, energetic and danceable. The group includes guitar, bass, percussionists, three vocalists and professional dancers including Capoeira. This show is ideal for festivals such as, Jazz Festivals, Folk Festivals, Grand Openings, Conferences, Olympics, etc.

Instruments: guitar, base, keyboard, cavaquinho, drum-set and percussion such as, surdos, berimbau, timbale, congas, timbau, ripiniqui, bells, tamborines, shakers, pandeiros, cuica, whistles, djembe, etc.

Aché Brasil – Drum and Dance Ensemble for theatres, festivals and special events.

A true visual feast! Ideal for theatres or festivals that present traditional music and dance, the dances are choreographed by Eclilson De Jesus, focusing on the folkloric and legendary dances of the Afro-Brazilian and Native people of Brazil, and the different regions of Brazil where the dances first originated.

The dancers wear authentic costumes, intriguing masks, grass skirts, primitive clothes, Native and Afro-Brazilian such as Orixa’s clothes. They perform acrobatics with sticks, machetes, fire (if suitable), etc. The repertoire includes Capoeira, Samba de Roda, Coco de Roda, Maracatu, Native Indian dance (check Repertoire) and the songs typical of the regions they represent. This performance is accompanied by Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and songs. Click “Repertoire” for examples and photos of the dynamic dances Aché Brasil performs.

Instruments: Mostly drums and percussion such as, congas, surds, timbale, djembe, ocean drum, pandeiros, bells, shakers, tambourines, timbau, repiniqui, djembe, berimbau, whitles, and sometimes drum-set.

Aché Brasil -Carnaval Parade and Samba show, Brazilian percussion with batucada rhythms

Samba show is an amazing performance of Samba dancers wearing dazziling Samba Costumes dancing to the frenetic rhythms of “Samba”, the most captivating and infectious rhythm of Brazil. Live percussionists play what Brazilians call, “Batucada.” Alternately, this show can take the form of a carnaval parade, with percussionists playing Samba resembling the parades during the Carnaval in Rio – Mardi-gras. Samba dancers parade wearing dazzling costumes, “sequins and feathers” while capoeiristas perform the acrobatic Capoeira around them. The percussionists follow the dancers with big drums, whistles, tamborines, shakers, surdos, etc. Very exciting!

Instruments: Brazilian percussion instruments.

Aché Brasil – Brazilian Carnaval – Brazilian Mardi-Gras

It’s a euphoric experience!
Aché Brasil’s amazing Carnaval – Mardi-gras ia always a complete sell-out and huge success, attracting celebrities like, Wesley Snipes and Tom Sellek. During Carnaval, Aché Brasil performs as full band plays Carnaval music (old and new) the entire evening for everyone to dance. During each intermission, Aché Brasil dancers and musicians perform an incredible visual show of about 10 minutes with percussionists, Samba dancers, Batucada, Frevo, Capoeira and more. Dancers and percussionists wear bright, elaborate mardi-gras costumes. Following the visual show, Aché Brasil continues playing Carnaval music to keep the spirits high. (Aché Brasil is available to travel to other locations to perform for the Carnaval).

Instruments: guitar, bass, cavaquinho, saxophone, keyboard, drum-set and percussion instruments such as, surdos, berimbau, timbale, congas, timbau, ripiniqui, bells, tamborines, shakers, pandeiros, whistles, djembe, etc.

Brazilian Carnaval 2010

Aché Brasil Children’s Festivals, Young People’s series and school shows Shows for children

Aché Brasil’s number of performers:
Our musicians, dancers and singers are highly skilled, experienced performers of a calibre not currently available in Canada.

Festivals: 6 to 15 performers
Theatres: 6 to 15 performers
Concerts and Special Events: 6 to 15 performers
Brazilian Carnaval/Mardi-gras: 12 to 16 performers
Children’s Festival and/or Young People’s Concert: 5 to 7 performers
School Shows: 5 performers

More on Aché Brasil…

Originating from Pernambuco, Brazil, Aché Brasil has been dazzling audiences at festivals and concerts, on television and at over 5000 schools. Their colorful blend of music and dance features the famous Brazilian Capoeira, a sinuous combination of dance, martial arts, astonishing acrobatics and breathtaking kicks; the resplendent costumes and pulse of the Samba; the spectacular machete wielding Maculele, the frenetic rhythms and dances of Frevo, etc. All members of Aché Brasil are Brazilian, making them the only authentic music and dance company from Brazil living in BC.

“Aché ” means “all things positive” and Aché Brasil is positively entertaining!

Experienced and professional, Ache Brasil is committed to best embody Brazil’s rich cultural heritage through high quality performances. Aché Brasil’s musicians and dancers exhibit a rare combination of authenticity and excellence in their work, matchless in North America. Aché Brasil is dedicated to promoting Brazilian culture throughout Canada, to reaching a wider audience, and to teaching the art of Capoeira to the community.